Stef Coetzee


Hi, I’m Stef. I see technological development as the central focus of my professional life.

I currently work as a consulting engineer in the control and automation field. Previously, I obtained a master’s degree in electrical engineering, with focus on residential renewable energy optimization, at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Prior to that, I completed a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering, also at SU.

In my free time I enjoy learning new skills. Since mid-2020 a great deal of that time has been spent learning all things web development, mostly Ruby on Rails. On the front end Tailwind CSS has made CSS much more fun and sustainable (fun fact: this site’s styling is done with Tailwind). Beyond that, I’m excited to see what Rails Hotwire (Turbo and Stimulus) offers as an alternative to the current status quo (single-page applications with back-end APIs).

If you, like me, enjoy discovering books by seeing what others have read, take a look at my bookshelf. If you’d like to read something I wrote, head over to the writing page.

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